Bank Junction – All Change at Bank

The City of London Corporation made changes to Bank Junction in 2017 to reduce the number of vehicles passing across the junction to improve public safety as part of a trial scheme to improve road safety with other benefits for the public realm including air quality.

At that time, the City Corporation highlighted a longer-term vision, the All Change at Bank project with the aim of:

  • Simplifying the junction to make it safer
  • Reducing crowding and make it more comfortable to walk
  • Improving air quality; and
  • Improving the perception of place, as a place to spend time in rather than pass through​

Despite the recent pavement widening work, it is not expected that the current layout can sustain the growth of people walking and cycling through this area in the coming years, particularly once Bank Station has increased its capacity, which is due to complete by the end of 2022.  Therefore, The City of London Corporation has been identifying what is physically and technically possible in this location for wider change.

The City Corporation carried out a consultation on proposed changes for the junction to reprioritise space to people who walk and cycle which closed last month. The consultation asked for feedback on the proposals that would operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week to:

  • Close Threadneedle Street between Bank Junction and Bartholomew Lane in both directions to create a walking and cycling only area
  • Close Queen Victoria Street between Bucklersbury and Bank Junction for motor vehicles, except those vehicles exiting Walbrook in a westbound direction
  • Keep Princes Street open for buses and cycles only northbound, and in addition as a route for servicing to Cornhill in a southbound direction

In addition, these new street layouts facilitate the proposals for wider, shorter and quicker pedestrian crossings, improved cycle facilities and proposals to enhance the greening, seating and general pleasantness of the environment.

Image showing proposed widening of footways and crossings at Bank junction

The results of this consultation will be reported later this summer. If you would like to find out more about these proposals or would like to keep updated on this scheme visit, .

In addition to the changes above ground, Transport for London are undertaking a major refurbishment and improvement of Bank Underground and connectivity between underground lines. For further details please see the link.

We do want hear your ideas on this or any other matter affecting you and the City – please do contact us.